Best Apps for Restoring Old Photos for PC

Best Apps for Restoring Old Photos for PC

If you’re interested in restoring old photos or digitizing them, you’re in luck! There are many different applications available for this purpose, each with its strengths and weaknesses.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, there’s sure to be an app that will meet your needs. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at five different options for Windows and Mac, so you can find the best apps for restoring old photos for your specific requirements. You should also take a look at how to enhance a photo on iPhone.

What’s the Need for an Old Photo Restoration App?

With the right software and techniques, you can restore old photos on your Mac or Windows 10 computer, bringing them back to life and preserving precious memories for future generations.



If you have old physical photos that you want to keep safe, scanning them and creating a software copy is a smart way to protect them from damage or loss. By creating digital backups of your photos, you can ensure that they remain safe and accessible for years to come, even if the physical copies are lost or damaged. 

Photo Enhancement

Photo Enhancement

Old photos can be precious, but they can also suffer from a range of issues, such as fading, discoloration, and spots. To restore these images to their former glory, you can use the best apps for restoring old photos that are specifically designed to improve the appeal of your pictures. The best apps for restoring old photos can effectively fix these flaws and make your old photos look as good as new. 

Long-term Solution

Restoring old photos with the software on your Mac or Windows computer is a great way to bring your cherished memories back to life. However, it’s also important to think about the long-term storage and preservation of these images. By maintaining a soft copy of your restored photos, you can ensure that they remain safe and protected for the long haul.

Best Apps for Restoring Old Photos

With the right photo restoration software, you can transform your old images and make them look new. These products use advanced algorithms and filters to remove scratches, stains, and other flaws from your photos, restoring them to their former glory. Here is the list of the best apps for restoring old photos:

Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop CC

If you’re looking for powerful and user-friendly photo restoration software, Adobe Photoshop CC is an excellent choice. With regular updates and a vast array of tools, you can restore your photos to a professional level with ease. This software supports almost all raster formats, including PSD, which is compatible with many other editors.

Whether you’re using a PC with macOS or Windows or an iPad, you can easily restore old photos with Photoshop. One of the standout features of Photoshop is its famous Clone Stamp tool. This tool allows you to copy pixels from surrounding areas and remove any damage from your image. 

Additionally, Photoshop features AI-driven tools such as neural filters and Object Aware Refine Mode. These tools enable you to transform the look of your images and streamline your workflow when restoring old photos. With Object Aware Refine Mode, you can quickly select and delete distracting details with little effort.

To speed up the editing process, Photoshop also offers an extensive selection of actions and overlays. These tools allow you to edit your photos quickly and efficiently, creating stunning and professional results in no time. Whether you’re restoring family photos or working on a commercial project, Adobe Photoshop CC is an excellent photo restoration software that can help you achieve your goals.

Photo Glory

Photo Glory

PhotoGlory is a fantastic photo restoration software that can help you bring old photos back to life. With just a few clicks, you can colorize your black-and-white pictures using the available automatic tools or smart brushes. This software features a range of powerful tools for removing creases, scratches, stains, scribbles, and damaged edges.

You can also make colors more saturated, restore bleak photos, and add custom text labels and date stamps. One of the standout features of PhotoGlory is its ability to sharpen images and remove blur. You can also use this software to raise contrast and saturation, straighten images, and crop edges. 

With a collection of 100 effects, you can make your photos look beautifully vintage and add a touch of nostalgia to your images. PhotoGlory also allows you to convert negatives and restore torn pictures, making it an all-in-one solution for your photo restoration needs. 

Whether you’re a professional photographer or just someone looking to restore old family photos, PhotoGlory is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to enhance the beauty and quality of their images.



Luminar simplifies the process of restoring old photos by providing an intuitive interface and a broad range of features. The program offers a comprehensive set of tools for enhancing images, including sharpening, denoising, and removing blemishes. With Luminar, you can also apply creative filters, adjust colors, and add text and other elements to your photos. 

Additionally, Luminar is available as a standalone application or a plugin for Photoshop and Lightroom, making it an ideal choice for photographers of all skill levels.

Some of the features of Luminar are:

  1. Erase tool: Luminar’s erase tool enables you to remove unwanted objects, blemishes, and other distractions from your photos.
  2. Noise reduction: Luminar’s noise reduction tool is designed to remove unwanted grain and noise from your old photos, improving their clarity and sharpness.
  3. Color adjustments: With Luminar, you can adjust the color temperature, saturation, and contrast of your images, restoring their vibrancy and natural look.
  4. Smart filters: Luminar’s smart filters allow you to apply a wide range of creative effects to your photos, from vintage looks to artistic styles.
  5. Batch processing: Luminar enables you to process multiple images at once, saving you time and effort when restoring large collections of old photos.



Remini is a powerful photo restoration app that uses advanced AI technology to improve the quality of your old photos. One of the standout features of Remini is its ability to restore blurry, pixelated, or low-quality images to a sharp and clear state. You can download Remini MOD APK from our website in which you’ll get Remini Pro free.

The app has an easy-to-use interface, making it perfect for beginners who want to restore their old photos without any hassle. In addition to restoring old photos, Remini can also colorize black-and-white images and enhance the quality of your existing pictures.

With Remini, you can restore old photos from your phone or even scan physical copies of your images to restore them digitally. Whether you’re looking to restore old family photos or breathe new life into your vintage collection, Remini is a reliable and effective photo restorer app.



PhotoWorks is a photo restoration software that offers a comprehensive set of tools for repairing and enhancing old images. With its precision healing tool, you can remove scratches, lint, and dust from your old photos, restoring them to their former glory. The software also has a powerful fold and crease removal tool that can eliminate any creases or folds that may have occurred over time.

One of the great things about PhotoWorks is that it uses advanced blending techniques to seamlessly merge textures, colors, and values in your restored photos. This means that your final result will look as though it was never damaged in the first place.

Whether you have old photos that need restoration or newer photos that just need a bit of retouching, PhotoWorks has got you covered. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily upload your photos, remove unwanted elements, and add filters to enhance the final result.


In conclusion, restoring old photos is now easier than ever thanks to a variety of software options available for Mac and Windows. From Adobe Photoshop to PhotoGlory, Luminar, and PhotoWorks, each program offers unique features and tools to bring your cherished memories back to life. 

Whether you need to remove scratches, restore color, or improve clarity, these software solutions have you covered. With their user-friendly interfaces and powerful algorithms, you can revive your old photos and preserve them for future generations to enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed my article “Best Apps for Restoring Old Photos for PC”. This article has taken a look at the best apps for restoring old photos for pc. If you’ve any questions about my article “Best Apps for Restoring Old Photos for PC”, please leave a comment below.


There are several great apps available for restoring old photos, including Adobe Photoshop CC, PhotoGlory, Luminar, and PhotoWorks.

Yes, there are many apps available for smartphones that can restore old photos. Some of the popular options include Remini, Adobe Photoshop Express, and VSCO.

To restore an old photo using restoration software, you will need to scan the photo into your computer and then use the restoration software to edit the digital copy of the photo. The software will typically have tools for removing scratches, stains, and other damage, as well as tools for adjusting color, contrast, and other aspects of the image.

The best restoration software for you will depend on your specific needs and skill level. Consider factors such as ease of use, the range of tools available, and the cost of the software when making your decision.

Restoration software can certainly help improve the appearance of severely damaged photos, but there may be limitations to what can be done depending on the extent of the damage.

The amount of time it takes to restore an old photo using restoration software will vary depending on the extent of the damage and the complexity of the restoration work. Simple fixes such as removing dust and scratches can take just a few minutes, while more complex restorations may take several hours.

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